REQUIRED FIELDS:   No Fields Are Required Fields when searching for trucks or loads. In fact the fewer fields you fill out, the more postings you will find. Conversely, the more fields you fill out, the fewer results you will get. For example, you can see all the loads in OH by just entering OH in the Origin State and pressing the Search button. Similarly, you can find all the loads coming to Ohio by just entering Ohio in the Destination State. With this type of broad search it can be helpful to set the results per page at the maximum.

CARRIERS: If you need a Load for your truck and you can go anywhere, enter the Origin City and State where the truck is, try the different radius options and note how the number of loads grows as you increase the radius, but so does the potential deadhead miles. If you just want to return to a particular state, add that state to your search criteria or try entering a particular destination city but include a radius around the destination city like you did for the origin city.

SORTING:  When you click any of the Sorting links at the top of certain columns, you will note that more than one column is actually sorted.

Here is the complete sort order for each type of sort: TYPE AHEAD BOXES:  The type ahead feature is used to insure proper spelling of Cities but it can be a bit frustrating until you get used to it. If the cursor jumps ahead of you and the wrong city or state pops up, use the backspace on your keyboard to get back to the proper point to resume typing. When you see the city and state in the drop-down box you can usually use the down arrow on your keyboard faster than you can select it with your mouse. As soon as it is highlighted you can press either the tab key or the enter key to go on to the another box. When your cursor is at the radius box, you can again use the down arrow if you want to select a particular radius.